Jennifer Cram - Brisbane Marriage Celebrant
No 1 Marriage Celebrant ABIA QLD Awards 2013 (rated 99.92%);
3rd Place Marriage Celebrant Awards 2018 (rated 99.90%)

Finalist ABIA awards every year since 2009
Finalist ABIA Designer of Dreams Awards every year since 2011
Relaxed, Fun, Entertaining Ceremonies
by the celebrant who gives you more
All couples welcomed with open arms
  1. You have to give Notice of your intention to marry to your celebrant at least a full calendar month before the big day on the Notice of Intended Marriage
  2. You have to show your celebrant proof of your date and place of birth (birth certificate or passport), together with photo ID.
  3. If either of you has been married before you have to show proof of how that marriage ended (divorce or death certificate)
  4. You have to sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment to the Marriage quite close to the big day
  5. On the day you have to have two adult witnesses present. They do not have to be Australian citizens or residents.
  6. Your celebrant has to recite a passage from the Marriage Act which includes the legal definition of marriage, which now reads "the union of two people"
  7. You have to say certain words to create the marriage
  8. You, your witnesses and the celebrant have to sign the Register and the certificates
And then, you get to live happily ever after as Mrs&Mrs, Mr&Mr, or Mr&Mrs, as the case may be.
Have you noticed how most wedding-related websites are full of unverifiable claims? There is no league table, no database where all wedding vendors are accurately ranked against all others. That's the reason I don't claim I'm the best/most awesome/most sought after/most popular celebrant on the planet (or even just in Brisbane). I don't even claim to be one of the best/most awesome etc, or the only one who cares/who is awesome/who is fun etc either. I know I work very hard to be up there. I know I genuinely care about your ceremony, and about you. I probably give you more assistance and information than most other celebrants - including all the knowledge that is in my 11 books (so far) on different aspects of wedding ceremonies - but I couldn't honestly make that claim because nobody knows for sure!

I'm not going to sell myself purely on my personality. It's not about me, it's about you. Your ceremony. Your day. Your style. I can be (and usually am, when it is appropriate) just as awesome, or fun, or funny, or quirky, or hip, or vibrant, as anyone else, though I assure you I have no aspirations to being the stand-up comedian, centre-stage throughout the ceremony, hogging the limelight.  I'm not going to elbow my way into selfies either! What matters is that with me as your celebrant the lead-up to your ceremony will be relaxed, stress-free, and fun, that, in the planning phase, I explore with you all the possibilities for an entertaining and engaging ceremony , that ideas of tradition, or misunderstandings about what is required to make sure your marriage is legal, do not prevent or inhibit you from thinking outside the box (or for that matter, pretty well throwing the box away). For example, did you know that the celebrant doesn't have to do all the talking, be centre-stage for the whole time, or talk about themselves in the ceremony?

Hi Jenny, Miles and I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony you performed yesterday in our home. It truly was warm and wonderful! So many of the guests said the ceremony was the best they’d been to. Your manner was warm, friendly and sincere. You were able to weave a personal and unique ceremony from our answers to your questionnaire. We were most impressed with how you delivered a ceremony that was a true reflection of us. It went beyond our expectations and we would highly recommend you as would many of our guests.  We couldn’t help but be moved by your beautiful and  meaningful  words regarding what marriage signifies. It was pure artistry. We really appreciated  the professional and efficient way you dealt with any queries. Thank you for making our day extra special. - Warm wishes - Eileen and Miles

I love working with you - you are always so professional and caring plus we have a stack of fun. I love how it's always about the bride and groom and what they are about and what they want. With you no request from them is too much trouble. You are an angel xoxo
- Sheila Sissons Photography

Dear Jennifer, Mark and I can not thank you enough for your services.  As effortlessly as you delivered the whole ceremony, the guests would not have known how much work you had put in to making our day as wonderful as it was. We knew!! We completed all those surveys and sent multiple emails which you took in your stride and handled so professionally and with due sensitivity. We had so much fun at our own wedding and even though we had read the ceremony, it still amazed and  touched us. We especially loved the surprise portion. We were not going to video the wedding, though after having a hint of something a little extra occurring we had the photographer set up a video, although we have all sorts of other sounds, planes, wind and lots and lots of laughter, it was great to capture the surprise you had for us and how we handled it. The service you deliver is absolutely, hands down terrific value for money. Our ceremony was everything we wanted and a true reflection of us, you captured the best of us and delivered it marvellously. Thank you!!  You have our highest recommendation. Gratefully - Hanna and Mark

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ABIA Designer of Dreams
                                        Award 2018
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In that still and settled place
There's nobody but you
You're where I breath my oxygen
You're where I see my view
And when the world feels full of noise
My heart knows what to do
It finds that still and settled place
And dances there with you

- Edward Monkton

The ceremonies I create and perform are relaxed, but not chaotic, carefully planned but open to spontaneity, and lovely to look at, so the photos are fantastic.  Your ceremony will be carefully prepared, with lots of input from you, so you are confident on the day. So I don't just wing it on the day. Nor do I have my head in a script the whole time. Interaction and speaking from the heart are both features of the ceremony. As a result, you can be sure you guests will feel very much part of the experience.

The way you conduct a ceremony is amazing.
You make the guests feel like you've known us for years. The whole ceremony was perfect. We loved how you made us fill in-depth questionnaires to create a ceremony that reflected us. We loved that you took our love of cats and used it to create a beautiful gift and ceremony. All our guests commented on how lovely our ceremony was. -Emma and Jeremy

Most weddings are just talking heads - with it being 98% the celebrant and only 2% the couple, doing the talking. However, although most celebrants like it that way, even if you are planning a legal ceremony your celebrant doesn't have to do all the talking. I'm very comfortable with creating and leading marriage ceremonies where the couple do a lot of the talking themselves. In fact, it is something I encourage. As is having family members involved that way as well. Spontaneity is also good - but I'm not going to turn up on the day without a script that you've had a chance to read well beforehand. And do you know why that is? Because I not only care about your wedding ceremony, I care deeply about your marriage, and that includes caring deeply about the positive impact involving you in the preparation for the ceremony can have, and caring deeply about the positive impact your ceremony can have on your support network of family and friends.
Whether you are planning to have the full white wedding ceremony experience or just to get married or enter into a civil partnership in a simple registry office style ceremony that is nonetheless an original and personal experience, a joyful commitment ceremony, a naming ceremony that truly celebrates not only your child but your family, a renewal of vows, or other ceremony, I really will deliver a ceremony that is a fresh and exciting experience and that will touch the hearts of everyone present.

The ceremony will be just traditional enough to be familiar to everyone present, as modern as you wish, and very much all about you - your personalities, your style. It will definitely not be anything like the usual a stock-standard ceremony that's been repeated time and again for hundreds, if not thousands of couples.

Thanks to the experience of creating and performing 800 wedding ceremonies since my appointment as a Marriage Celebrant in 2006, as well as more than 300 naming ceremonies and numerous commitment, renewal of vows and other ceremonies, backed up by the votes of couples who rated my services so highly that I have been a finalist in the ABIA Awards every year since 2009, and was was named Queensland's top celebrant in 2013, means I can absolutely guarantee that your ceremony will be
  • modern, personal, and different without being weird
  • as laid back and fun or as formal (with some light-hearted moments) as you wish
  • infused with your unique personalities all the way through
  • not constrained by "the rules" of tradition or of "what a wedding/commitment/naming etc should be"
  • entertaining for your guests (why make them wait for the party to begin?)
  • enjoyable for you because you will be confident that I'll include only what you want included, I won't deliver any lectures, and the whole thing will flow smoothly.
So you can relax and breathe a sigh of relief because at last you've come to the right place and the right celebrant because
  • I will never tell you that there is only one way
  • You will never be embarrassed by sexist stereotypes or unwanted religious references, or by a celebrant who has confused your wedding with a stand-up comedy gig
  • I have the life experience to be able to sensitively respond to any situation or circumstance - and in a way that doesn't draw people's attentions to whatever that might be
  • I have a deep understanding of the legal aspects of marriage ceremonies, non-legal wedding and commitment ceremonies. This means that I really know my stuff when it comes to the legalities - which means I am confident about not having to stick to a rigid view of what is included in your ceremony - and I know what can be left out if it doesn't appeal to you - and I don't put you to unnecessary trouble or expense when it comes to complying with the requirements of the Marriage Act in regards to giving Notice or providing proofs of identity etc!
  • I also have the knowledge, experience and skills to enable me to offer you ceremony ideas that are new, fresh, and guaranteed to surprise, delight and entertain your guests, and keep everyone interested all the way through (Check out my books to give you an idea of the depth and breadth of that knowledge).

Jennifer, we chose you because you default to awesome and leave out the gender bias, religion, over-explanation, tasteless jokes, awkward vows and dreary biographical readings that I’ve experienced in other weddings - Tony and Leslie

My services are great value for money. I do the hard work (hours and hours) to fully understand your wishes for your ceremony and to translate them into reality - a ceremony that delights, entertains, and engages your guests, keeps them talking for months afterwards (in a good way) and exceeds your expectations. I custom-create the ceremony just for you. It can be as creatively alternative or as traditional as you would like. And all for a very affordable fee when you consider the time, resources, and skill that goes into it.

In addition to creating the ceremony, on the way to your day I do a number of things to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the photos are fabulous. On the day I will take care of you and your nearest and dearest so that the ceremony is an enjoyable experience infused with love and a touch of magic.

One of my brides recently commented to me that a skilled and experienced celebrant, able to inject a bit of humour into the ceremony without making it about the celebrant, able to weave the magic of the couple's relationship through every word, and able to incorporate into the ceremony unique touches that reflect the personalities and heritage of the couple is a bargain at $1000 (way above my top fee), but a bad celebrant is much too expensive at $100. That's food for thought.

Send me an email or give me a call  for a chat about my calm and unique process that guarantees the creation and delivery of a completely personal ceremony that celebrates your relationship in a vivid, memorable way with a warm and light-hearted touch, a ceremony that gives the nod to tradition but isn't hampered by it - all in a relaxed and stress-free process - and to discuss what you expect from your celebrant and how I can meet your expectations in a way that is not run-of-the-mill.

07 3378 3005 or send me an email

Some more extracts from testimonials

Thank you so much for everything you did for us on our wedding! EVERYTHING was absolutely perfect – you coordinated everything just brilliantly. All through the night you were the topic of discussion – every guest we had was raving about how the ceremony was the best they’d ever attended, full of laughs and tears. Normally people switch-off during ceremonies (well, I do anyway!) because they can be a little boring, dull and predictable, but it was quite obvious that everyone was engaged and waiting to hear what was coming up next. Comments were things like “I’ve never laughed so hard in a ceremony before!” and “Jenny created the ceremony as if she was telling a story, including the audience and keeping everyone interested” and “she really set the mood for the whole evening”.  Kath and Cam

We would like to express our sincere thanks to you for applying what seems to be 'a natural gift' in your ability to be engaging, sincere, lighthearted, and relaxing as a marriage celebrant. You have a well honed talent to make a ceremony feel intimate, friendly, and full of the magic of Love that flows from you to all the guests, and of course the two of us as a couple. - Monique and Mike

Our friends and family all commented on how impressed they were by you, our celebrant. They were impacted by the uniqueness of our ceremony and how it  'touched all bases' regarding our love, marriage, us, family, etc. You were truly 'there' from day one, making the legal requirements a breeze and your accessibility for questions or concerns was second to none. The process you have in place for the preparation of our ceremony was so impressive and provided an opportunity for us, not only to assist in writing our ceremony, but, in reflecting upon and our love, and intentions for marriage and the wedding was more thorough and useful than our pre-marriage counseling in many regards! We chose you after being dissatisfied with our original celebrant and you didn't disappoint! You were way beyond!! - Leigh and Francesc

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Hi, I'm Jenny, and my aim is to make it easy for you to have a unique ceremony that engages and entertains your guests. This is why I choose to be
the celebrant who gives you more ...  - more time, more attention, more creativity, more information, more resources, more autonomy in relation to your ceremony. It doesn't have to be all about the celebrant - and PS I care as much about your marriage and your family as I do about your wedding ceremony - and that's a lot!

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My Credentials:
  • Queensland's top Marriage Celebrant - Winner ABIA Awards 2013 (99.92%)
  • 3rd Place Marriage Celebrant ABIA Awards 2018 (99.90%)
  • Judged in top 0.1% of celebrants in Australia in the Designer of Dreams Awards every year since 2011
  • Track record of consistent high-quality service as judged by couples - Finalist ABIA Awards every year since 2009
  • Experience of creating and delivering 1100+ ceremonies
  • ABIA Accredited
  • Advanced Diplomas in Marriage, General and Funeral  Celebrancy (all with High Distinction); Cert IV in Marriage Celebrancy

American Humanist Association
British Humanist Association
Humanist Society of Queensland
Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants

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My ceremony fees are open and transparent. You will find them in the PDF downloadable ceremony package summaries below and also on the pages about each type of ceremony.
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