Your Civil Partnership Declaration Ceremony
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Civil Partnership Declaration Ceremonies for couples regardless of gender
Same Love Commitment Ceremonies for same sex couples
Commitment Ceremonies for straight (heterosexual) couples
Gay Weddings
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Combined Commitment and Naming Ceremonies

Fee range $350-$595 depending on package chosen

With the reinstatement of civil partnerships in Queensland, couples, regardless of gender are now legally able to enter into a Civil Partnership, and, as a registered Civil Partnership Notary I am able to conduct a Declaration Ceremony for you. Your Civil Partnership will take effect from the date of the ceremony (once the ceremony is registered) and you will be able to apply for and obtain a standard official certificate to use as proof of your partnership for official purposes.

At least one partner must live in Queensland and ten clear days notice is required.

If you have already registered your Civil Partnership, you also have the option of having a commitment ceremony which celebrates that you have already registered your partnership done so.

Where a loving couple is either legally unable or for their own reasons unwilling to marry, a commitment ceremony provides the opportunity to formally affirm their love and their mutual decision to spend the rest of their lives together.  Where both members of the couple are of the same gender, a commitment ceremony is often referred to as a Pink Wedding.

Your love is special, you are special, the ceremony in which you commit your love and your lives should be just as special, transcending any limitations of legality.

Personal truly extraordinary ceremonies
bathed in love, touched by magic, created just for you,
celebrating your love, reflecting your values, your beliefs,
your vision for your special day.

Want something unusual? Not a problem!

Although Australian Law at this time precludes legal marriages between people of the same gender. because your commitment is celebrated in the presence of loved ones and dear friends, it is an important and moral act that provides a sense of stability and permanence. Importantly, because you are acknowledging the uniqueness and commitment of your relationship and sharing your joy in it with those close to you, a commitment ceremony will remind everyone present that love is not the sole preserve of the straight, that lovers committing themselves to each other is positive and speaks of hope to us all, that private love has public consequences in that it raises up communities as well as individuals.

While a commitment ceremony is very similar to a wedding, essentially following the same structure, it should not be a standard wedding ceremony with the legal bits left out.

While the omission of certain words and processes required by law in a legal marriage ceremony ensures that your commitment ceremony does not break the law, it is the language of the heart and the extent to which the ceremony is authentic to you - reflecting your styles, your personalities, your vision for your ceremony and your relationship - that makes it real to you and to your family and friends. To achieve this authenticity I devote time and effort to get to know you and your wishes and dreams for your ceremony and to weave that information into a ceremony created especially for you.

Teresa & Selena's processional -
                          Woodlands of Marburg
Teresa and Selena make their way down the aisle

I accept full responsibility for the creation and stage-management of your ceremony, but only as your facilitator. I will be honest and straightforward in giving you my best advice, but it is your ceremony so I will do nothing to dis-empower you or compromise your right to make your ceremony uniquely yours.