Philosophy and Ethics
Extracted from the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants Code of Practice with which, as a member, I am required to comply at all times and for all types of ceremonies

  1. The pursuit of excellence in all that we do.
  2. Professionalism - in every detail.
  3. Officiating at the best and most beautiful ceremonies possible.
  4. Top of the range service to our clients and to the public.
  5. A passionate awareness that the ceremony is not ours but the clients: and their wishes,   their choices and their contributions are central.
  6. A happiness that we have the rare and unique opportunity to be paid to read poetry in public, and that the poetry, prose, music and symbols we use in our cerermonies, and the artists we encourage, are a significant element in the artistic and cultural development of this country and in humanity in general
  7. We are also about unity - unity and cooperation among celebrants
  8. Most of all we preoccupy ourselves with standards - standards of preparation, standards of service, ethics and conventions of behaviour that result in ceremonies which please, thrill, console, and strengthen out clients and our fellow human beings.
  9. We are open to new ideas, new possibilities and responding to the needs with all personal ceremonies, and being ritually part of paradigm shifts in the local fabric.
Ethics and Standards

As a Federation member celebrant, I strive at all times to:
  1. Avoid all attitudes of pretentiousness, authoritarianism and self importance: or of an overbearing style which would intimidate a client from exercising their rights or their wishes about their ceremony
  2. Inform clients of sources for personalised ceremonies; ie prose, poetry, music and symbols, which will make their choice, and thus, their ceremony, truly meaningful.
  3. Avoid intruding personal beliefs, prejudices and /or preconceived ideas into arrangements
  4. Avoid influencing arrangements merely to suit my own personal convenience.
  5. Be available to attend and assist with a rehearsal.
  6. Dress as appropriately as possible, given the style of the ceremony, its level of formality, and the wishes of the client.
  7. Present myself, given the style of dress required, in the best possible way, neat, clean and dignified, in accordance with acceptable standards
  8. Arrive punctually at an agreed time, and a reasonable time before the commencement of the ceremony.
  9. Organise and orchestrate the ceremony as skillfully as possible, speaking assigned words or poetry with clear diction and sincere voice, always keeping in mind that every client's ceremony is special.
When you book with me for your wedding I will also provide you with a copy of the Code of Practice for Authorised Celebrants. All celebrants are required by the Attorney General to comply with this Code.