Pet Friendly Wedding Ceremonies
Julie and Chris with their doggy Best Man,
                        Chief Bridesmaid, and 4 two-legged friendsNot all groomsmen wear pants!

I don't just welcome your pets as part of your ceremony, I encourage it. Your wedding is a celebration of close and loving relationships. So whether your children or your best friends have two legs, or four legs, include them in the ceremony.

A pet friendly, pet-inclusive wedding goes beyond dressing your pet up and having him or her walk down the aisle with you.

Pets can be included in your ceremony in ways that celebrate the relationship you have with them. Invariably, including one or more pets adds an additional element of fun to the ceremony.

Exactly how a pet is included in the ceremony will depend on that pet's species, personality,  and the other ceremony choices you have made. It can also be influenced by where the ceremony is held. Many parks, for example, allow dogs on a leash but not running free, so that needs to be taken into account.

A pet-inclusive wedding can include a unity ritual  that includes the pet (I've developed a number of unique rituals for this purpose) or it can incorporate a formal re-naming for the pet if it is the pet of either the bride and groom and is being "adopted" by the new spouse.

But most of all, a pet-inclusive wedding is also a pet-friendly wedding.  I'm very pleased to partner with  Pet Wedding Attendant. They'll facilitate your dog being part of the ceremony by taking care of him/her beforehand, making sure he/she arrives on time, supporting him/her during the ceremony, and then minding him/her afterwards.