Relationship Education & Counselling
Information compiled by Jennifer Cram
Brisbane Civil Marriage Celebrant
authorised to perform
wedding ceremonies by
the Australian Government
While  attendance at pre-marriage courses is not a condition of being able to marry in a civil ceremony, Authorised Marriage Celebrants are required to provide couples with a copy of the government pamphlet  Happily Ever Before ... and After, provide you with information about services that offer pre-marriage courses and other relationship services.

Make Love Infectious
A brilliant TED talk about relationships by Dr Wendell Rosevear

Family Relationship Advice Line: Phone 1800 050 321  

Services  Provided by Relationships Australia

F.O.C.C.U.S pre-marriage education via a private discussion process using a questionnaire and a trained facilitator (available to same sex couples also)

Relationship Education – courses for couples and individuals looking for new skills and ways of improving their relationship.

Marriage and Relationship Counseling for couples, individuals and families who are seeking improved relationships, or resolution of relationship difficulties.


Relationships Australia (Queensland)
Locations throughout Queensland
Phone: 1300 364 277
Fax: 07 3255 2922

Services Provided by Better Relationships (Anglicare)
        408 Gympie Road
        Strathpine  QLD  4500
P:  (07) 3841 4901
F:  (07) 3028 4699
New clients: 1300 114 397
221 Logan Road, Buranda, Q, 4102
BURANDA  QLD  4102  (Access via Toohey St)
Phone: 1300 114 397

Services Provided by Centacare
Overview information about relationship education services provided by Centacare
Overview information about relationship education services provided by Centacare


Level 1, 229 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone: 1300 CENTACARE (1300 236 822)



The Prepare-Enrich Program
The PREPARE-ENRICH program is designed to assist a variety of professionals (mainly counselors, educators and religious celebrants) working with premarital or married couples. Professionals who have been trained and accredited to use the PREPARE-ENRICH materials in Australia are called Facilitators. For a couple, after being invited to participate and having the program explained to them, the first step is to take on-line the Customized Version of PREPARE-ENRICH in order to provide a self-report description of their relationship.

National Office
PO Box 448
Sutherland NSW 1499
Australia  Telephone:  (02) 9545 4566 
 Fax: (02) 9545 5766 

Online Resources

Commonwealth of Australia Family Relationships Online

The Couple Connection: UK based website with lots of information about communication within a relationship and dealing with specific issues.

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
Keys to Living Together

South Australian website providing information and support relating to step-parenting

Victorian website providing information and support relating to step-parenting