Total Period of Residence - Notice of Intended Marriage

by Jennifer Cram   30 April 2019  |
Notice of Intended MarriageIf you were born in Australia you can just ignore this question. If you were born anywhere else you need to answer it. And it is the only time where what visa you are on can make a difference.

Residence means living (not just visiting). So any time you spent in Australia on a Tourist Visa doesn’t count. Any other time, for example on a Student or Work Visa, does.

If you have lived in Australia for more than one period you need to add them together for a total. But once it totals 2 years you can just put number of years without worrying about the months.

PS Apparently this question is for statistical purposes, so it is not part of your identity. However, because it is required information when giving legal notice of your intention to marry, you must answer it accurately.
You can download the Notice of Intended Marriage form here