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Five Good Reasons To Include Handfasting in Your Wedding Ceremony

Including a handfasting ritual in a secular marriage ceremony has become increasingly popular over a number of years. It is my favourite wedding ritual, for five very good reasons.
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6 Killer Questions a Recruitment Specialist would ask Your Celebrant

“How do you choose a wedding celebrant?” is one of the most common questions asked by couples getting married in Australia. These questions will help you find the celebrant who is perfect for you.
Blog: Wedlockers

Louder than words: The potent “hidden” messages your wedding ceremony can send

As the saying goes, the little things are the big things. In weddings, subtle messages sent by both actions and words speak volumes about your relationship. Whether accurate or inaccurate, subtle “hidden” messages can influence the way your relationship is perceived and the marriage itself
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How To Stuff Up Your Wedding - Big Time

The stuff of celebrant nightmares. Forgetting or ignoring any of these things could bring your wedding to a crashing halt
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Writing Vows the Easy Way

Writing your personal promises can be remarkably easy. It is all about the partnership between you and your celebrant, about working together to craft the immeasurably magic moment in which your focus is totally on one another as you speak your commitment. The moment that your guests look forward to. The moment your photographer and videographer depend on for emotional reactions.
Blog: Lucas Kraus Photography Tips & Articles

Articles in Print Publications

Yes, there are still print publication that don't also publish online. One of these is The Celebrant International Journal of Celebrants and Ceremonies

Moral Rights: It's Personal

Infringement of your moral rights can have a devastating impact on your reputation
The Celebrant, Issue 8, June 2021, pp 8-13

Copyright: It's Economic

The most likely ways in which someone might infringe a celebrant's copyright would be by downloading and uploading to their own website, republishing in any form, adapting and using or publishing or performing the "work" in a public space without having your permission to do so
The Celebrant, Issue 6, December 2020, pp 14-23

Do You Like Me? How Much Do You Like Me?

How do you judge your performance as a celebrant?
The Celebrant, Issue 6, December 2020, pp 14-23

Slips of the Lip, Inclusion, and Extremist Codespeak

Lessons from the extremist speak playbook.
The Celebrant, Issue 5, September 2020, pp 26-27

Coffee Unity Ritual

The Celebrant, Issue 4, June 2020, pp 70-77

Celebrant Buddies: An Essential Resource for an Inclusive Ceremony

The Celebrant, Issue 3, March 2020, pp 83-85