Talking Heads: (The "normal" wedding ceremony)

by Jennifer Cram (13/07/2016)  | Categories: Wedding Ceremony |
Blah Blah Blah speech bubbleLet's face it. Most wedding ceremonies are pretty ordinary, and far too many are something that your guests have to suffer through  before they get to what they see as the good stuff - the party.

Partly that is because, as a guest at a wedding I conducted a couple of days ago said, most celebrants all seem to read from the same script (a comment made when he was observing that he'd never attended a wedding ceremony like it) and partly because they are all about words. Bride, Groom, and Celebrant as Talking Heads...

A good ceremony is a perfect mix of laughter and tears, of serious words and light-hearted expressions, of words to listen to, actions to look at, symbolism to internalise, and interaction between guests and the couple, as well as between guests and the celebrant.

You can't achieve that if you're relying of the personality of the celebrant as the centre of attention. This is why I step away from the traditional position (a precedent set by clergy), ensure that the couple faces the guests for most of the ceremony, and strive to make sure that there are many more visual elements to the ceremony than the rings, the kiss, and the celebrant's mouth flapping!
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