Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Renewing your vows is a wonderful way to reaffirm your commitment to your marriage or life partnership. To reaffirm your wedding or commitment vows is to say "I still do" to your spouse or partner, to affirm that your choice was a good one and that you are sticking to it.

A reaffirmation ceremony, also commonly referred to as Renewal of Vows, gives you the opportunity to formally express your continuing commitment to each other in as simple or elaborate a ceremony as you wish. Your ceremony can be a small, intimate family celebration held in your own home, a ceremony held in a place that has special meaning for you, or a large gathering in a wedding venue, park, or restaurant. Or you can travel to Brisbane from elsewhere and reaffirm your vows as a special part of a second honeymoon. It can have a theme, include particular cultural touches, or just be a simple and heartfelt expression of your love for each other.

The ceremony broadly echoes the marriage or commitment ceremony in structure, building to the emotional high point, your vows, and the kiss that seals your expression of continuing commitment.

Your vows can be a restating of the vows you took way back when, preceded by a statement that you are reaffirming those vows, or you can exchange new vows that reflect the maturity of your relationship.

Where you now have children, it is lovely to include the children in the ceremony, and, if you wish, in the vows.

I offer a range of packages/types of reaffirmation of vows ceremonies, reflecting the reasons that couples choose to reaffirm their vows.
  • Big White Wedding Renewal of Vows
  • Celebration of Marriage or Commitment Renewal of Marriage Vows
  • Private Renewal of Vows
  • DIY Renewal of Vows
Cost depends on the package you choose .

Big White Wedding Renewal of Vows

This package is usually chosen by couples who have had a recent small wedding, possibly overseas or interstate, and want the whole “white wedding’ experience to share with family and friends. To all intents and purposes, with the exception of the legal inclusions, it is very similar to a wedding ceremony and may include attendants, processional, rituals and readings.

Celebration of Marriage Renewal of Vows

This is a celebration of the success of the marriage and often coincides with significant anniversaries, 10, 25, 50 or 60 years, but may be held whenever the couple feels is appropriate.

Love and Vows Renewal Ceremony

A simpler ceremony, similar in form to a Registry Office Style Wedding. Personalised, but not bespoke.

Private Renewal of Vows

A ceremony just for the couple who wish to recommit to their marriage as a healing after experiencing a rough patch, or as a private and very romantic experience.

DIY Renewal of Vows Ceremony

A ceremony that I create for you, but you nominate a friend or family member to lead, or choose to lead yourself.