Rose Ceremony

The rose is intricately connected to our idea of both love and beauty. It has a special place in spiritual traditions and folklore throughout the centuries, being associated with many goddesses in the ancient world, including Venus/Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and also with Cupid. So it is no wonder that while, for thousands of years, flowers have been incorporated in wedding ceremonies as symbols of fertility and to ward off evil spirits the rose has a special place in weddings as a universal symbol of love.

We incorporate roses in weddings in a variety of ways, including petal tosses, bouquets, and boutonnieres, as well as in corsages for the mothers and other honoured female guests.

Adding a Rose Ceremony, where roses are exchanged or given as tokens of love and appreciation, a ritual that is a relatively recent invention, will add a touch of the unexpected to your ceremony.

There are two common versions of the Rose Ceremony
  • The couple give each other a rose, usually after they have exchanged rings
  • The couple give their mothers a rose, usually early in the ceremony
In both cases the words that accompany the giving of the roses are very important.

While many celebrants offer a "standard" version, there is is no ‘correct’ way to structure or interpret either type of rose ceremony. I create the specifics of the ritual and the words that go with it individually  for each couple, taking into account your family circumstances and your vision for your ceremony.

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