COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

While I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and other transmissable diseases, I do not accept bookings for ceremonies for unvaccinated persons (COVID-19).

The current Queensland Health Directive regarding weddings is that, where any person present is,eligible to be vaccinated but is not fully vaccinated, the maximum number of people allowed to be present is 20, including the marrying couple and the celebrant. Where everyone is vaccinated there are no limits on numbers.

Where your ceremony is held in a venue, the venue is responsible, and any person who is not fully vaccinated will be denied entry. Where your ceremony is held on private property or in a public space the Celebrant is responsible for providing a Check-in QR code and for checking the vaccination status of all persons.

I reserve the right to leave immediately if unvaccinated persons who do not have an exemption, are present.