Who I Will Conduct Ceremonies For

I provide ceremonies for everyone regardless of culture, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or the time of day or type of setting in which the ceremony is being held, with a few exceptions relating to legality or safety.

The current buzz is all about identifying one's "ideal" client.  That sounds very judgemental to me! But I do know that the clients who work best with me and my style, and therefore, those I actively encourage, don't fit any narrow definition of age or other demographic, and aren't necessarily cashed up, but they do share certain characteristics. So, give me a call if I sound like your ideal celebrant, and particularly if
  • you want the ceremony to be truly expressive of who they are, regardless of whether that means thinking outside the box or having a traditionally-styled ceremony
  • you understand the consequences of choosing a celebrant who isn't willing to deliver what they want in their ceremony, isn't capable of delivering what they want in their ceremony, or whose personality doesn't appeal
  • you  have an appreciation of how much a creative, skilled, professional and experienced celebrant can bring to their ceremony
  • you are looking for value for money, as opposed to choosing on price alone, and
  • it is clear to you that my fee is extremely reasonable for the time I devote to you and your ceremony and the knowledge and skill I bring to your ceremony
Hiring a celebrant without considering anything else but the fee makes as much sense to me as choosing what you will wear on your wedding day on price only, ignoring whether it is the right size, will fit you, whether you like the style, or whether the colour suits you.
In return I offer you
  • breadth and depth of knowledge
  • capacity to design and deliver a ceremony that uses beautiful words to touch the hearts and minds of everyone present
  • capacity to design and direct a ceremony that is visually satisfying and delivers opportunities for stunning photographs
  • lots of experience in formal public speaking with a warm and personal touch
  • capacity to 'read' an audience and ensure that they connect with the ceremony

Where I Will Conduct Ceremonies

I am based in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I conduct ceremonies throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, Redlands, Redcliffe, Logan, and Pine Rivers, and surrounding areas.  However, I do not accept bookings for ceremonies on moving vessels of any sort (I get seasick), ceremonies that require a ferry trip to one of the Moreton Bay Islands (I get seasick and the ferry timetables are very restrictive),  on beaches, or in situations where the wedding party will be standing in the full sun.