Birthplace - Notice of Intended Marriage

by Jennifer Cram   07 May 2019  |
Notice of Intended Marriage If you were born in Australia, you need to write the name of the suburb or town you were born in, as recorded on your birth certificate together with the state or territory. So, if you were born in the Mater Hospital, for example in Brisbane, you write South Brisbane, Queensland. If you were born in Nowra, for example, you write Nowra, New South Wales. The state is important to differentiate between places with the same name, eg Burwood could be the suburb of Sydney (New South Wales) or the suburb of Melbourne (Victoria).

If you were born overseas, you write the name of the suburb, town, or city as recorded on your birth certificate, plus the country, though for clarity were there could be a number of places with the same name, write the state, province, etc.

As information on passports is becoming more and more generic, what is recorded on your passport as your place of birth may be the city, rather than the actual suburb, the state or province, or even just the country, even though your birth record, and the information held about you and your identity by government authorities, is more precise. So you should not rely solely on the information on your passport for birthplace.
You can download the Notice of Intended Marriage form here