3 Good reasons to wear pearls to a wedding

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A String of pearls with two platinum
                              wedding rings, each set with one diamond,
                              on a blue backgroundSomeone recently commented that only old women wear pearls. Once I picked my jaw up from the floor, my instinct to debunk that idea with the hard facts kicked in and so, here I am, at the keyboard.

There are probably a million reasons why pearls are such a staple in the wardrobes of elegant women, potentates, and historical figures. But there are at least ten good reasons why they are never-fail accessory at a wedding, whether you are a guests, a member of the wedding party, the marrying couple, or the celebrant.

And yes, men can and do wear pearls. Think cravats with a pearl stick pin, pearl tie pin, pearl cuff links, or pearl studs with dress shirt worn with a tuxedo.

Pearls symbolise good wishes for marriage


Everything that happens at a wedding should be focused on wishing the couple everything good
for their marriage. Pearls fit the bill perfectly because
  • Pearls are rich with tradition in a wide range of cultures
  • Since ancient times, pearls have been the gem of marriage
  • In Classical Greece, and ever since, pearls have expressed good wishes for the couple - to bring happiness to the groom and to protect the bride from tears.
  • According to the Indian Rigveda, the oldest religious text in continued use, pearls are said to prolong life, so wearing pearls fits nicely with the way we wish couples a long and happy marriage
  • Pearls have long been regarded as a token of love, affection, and good luck.
  • In ancient Persian legend, pearls were created from the interaction of the rainbow with the earth when the rainbow came to earth after a storm, so they are perfect to wear to the wedding of two grooms or two brides

Pearls are a practical choice


  • Pearls are subtle and discreet. They glow, but they don't shine or reflect camera flashes or other light sources
  • Pearls are silent. They don't jingle or clank.
  • Pearls are timeless. They don't date the wearer. And they don't date the occasion
  • Pearls are ageless. They can be worn by everyone from infants to centenarians
  • Pearls are appropriate 24/7
  • Pearls are great value. The same string of pearls can be worn for decades, and passed down to the next generation. They never go out of fashion.
  • Whether pearls are sea pearls, freshwater pearls, natural or cultured, real or faux, they are still pearls, and they look like it. Most people can't tell the difference. So they won't be a talking point that detracts attention from the bride.

Pearls signify class and good taste


  • Pearls are classy, And they can add a touch of class to any outfit, from jeans and a t-shirt to a formal gown
  • In Ancient Rome pearls were considered to be the symbol of social status and wealth
  • The high-end fashion industry has embraced pearls for a century, at least. Starting with Coco Chanel and her classic look, enhanced by ropes of pearls.
  • Historically, pearls have been associated with wealth and social status. Before the creation of cultured pearls in the early 1900s, natural pearls were so rare and so expensive that only the aristocracy and the very wealthy could afford them.
  • As arbiters of good taste, pearls have always been a favourite of royal women.

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