Urgent Weddings (Shortening of Time)

Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to arrange your wedding with less than the legally required month's notice. The Marriage Act allows for what is referred to as a Shortening of Time under certain very specific circumstances, such as terminal illness of one of the marrying couple or of a close family member, legal proceedings where it is likely that one of the marrying couple will be incarcerated for a period longer than a year, and work transfer interstate or overseas. Pregnancy or imminent visa expiry is not an allowable circumstance and shortening of time is not automatically granted. It must be applied for to a Prescribed Authority and there is a fee payable on application.

I can assist you to apply for shortening of time and will also create and conduct a sensitively worded ceremony that focuses on the present and creates moments of joy for all concerned. In Australia no special legal permission is needed to conduct a wedding ceremony in a hospital or a hospice, although the person's medical team will need to be involved in the arrangements.

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