Wedding Ceremony Packages
As a couple you are unique, you have different needs, different wishes, different visions and ideas about what your perfect wedding would be. I'm definitely not going to ignore that wonderful fact so I offer a number of different ceremony packages, with fees that reflect the input of my time required. Regardless of whether you opt to have a complex and richly symbolic ceremony or a short and simple one you will get from me the same high quality, the same personal service, the same level of creativity, and the same care in the preparation of your ceremony. You'll also get lots of inclusions and freebies! And you will never have to settle for
  • a one-size fits all ceremony, or
  • a "put it together yourself" ceremony composed of your choice of pre-written sections, or
  • a flying-by-the-seat-of-the-pants ceremony where you don't have a clue what is going to be said in the ceremony until it happens, live.
I create each ceremony for a particular and unique couple - you. So I don't have a one-price-fits-all approach. Different ceremony packages require different amounts of time from me in order to create and perform your ceremony for you, including

  • type/complexity of the ceremony, including number of guests and size of bridal party because more of either add complexity and requires more time
  • time required to develop the ceremony
  • whether a rehearsal is required
  • the day of the week on which the ceremony is held
  • the location of the ceremony
  • how much equipment is needed

All wedding packages include:

  • all legal paperwork, including professional laser-printed certificates using an elegant font and registration of your marriage
  • creation and performance of a very personal ceremony
  • a workbook version of one of my best-selling books on how to write vows plus any coaching or assistance you might need to ensure your vows are exactly what you want
  • my guide to your rights and obligations
  • my guide to having a glitch-free, stress-free wedding
  • up to 100 km return travel to your venue (excess to that at a modest charge)
  • responding to your emails and phone calls (unlimited) from your first enquiry to after the ceremony - often out of normal business hours
  • advice about how to deal with unusual situations regarding name changes, legal documentation etc that might arise
  • a bound keepsake   
  • use of a quality PA system if numbers warrant.
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Couture (Custom-created/Bespoke) Ceremonies

A custom-created ceremony is created just for you, a ceremony that is all about you, a ceremony that your family and friends will say was "so them". I offer a range of packages for custom-created ceremonies, all of the same high quality but reflecting your particular circumstances and in particular the size and style of your wedding.

A couture wedding can be a traditional wedding, a contemporary wedding, a theme wedding or one of the many different types of weddings, or a combination. The choice is yours

Ultimate Couture Weddings

The package for the couple for whom the sky is the limit.  Call me to discuss your needs and together we'll put together a package that meets them.

Couture Weddings

A richly symbolic ceremony, which includes family, friends, a professionally choreographed processional, a Couture Ceremony is the ceremony of choice if you plan to have a significant number of guests and a large bridal party and/or rituals that need a rehearsal.
  • This package also includes a copy of my best-selling book Perfect Wedding Processionals. The only published book entirely devoted to the Wedding Processional (most wedding books include about half a page on the subject) this 136 page book is jam-packed with ideas to make your processional a truly WOW feature of the ceremony.
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Simpler Couture Weddings

Where you want a simpler wedding, with a small bridal party, uncomplicated processional, and only simple rituals requiring no rehearsal, a Simpler Couture Wedding may be appropriate.

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Intimate  Couture Weddings (Small weddings)

Bigger isn't always better, but it always costs more.  Keeping your wedding small and intimate also focuses the ceremony on the promises you make to each other, and allows you to spend quality time with each of your guests.If you wish to have a very private wedding (perhaps because you are eloping) the most private of wedding ceremonies legally possible in Australia is just the two of you, the celebrant and your two legal witnesses. It can be a very romantic occasion, with complete flexibility as to where you hold it.  If you don't have witnesses, or want to marry in a very private way I can advise you on how to do that and still meet all legal requirements. However, the Attorney General has advised celebrants that witnesses should be independent of the celebrant.
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Combo Weddings

A combo wedding is a wedding that
  • incorporates another type of ceremony, such as a Naming Ceremony or Renewal of Vows, or
  • includes more than one couple, such as a double or triple wedding, or
  • follows closely on or is followed closely by a second but related ceremony (usually within hours, but possibly involving a change of venue) This type of ceremony can accommodate the needs of a family member too ill or frail to attend your wedding, but whom you want to include in a meaningful way.
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Not-the-Registry Office  - Simple and Meaningful  Weddings


One of my Warm and Wonderful weddings is NOT a generic registry office style wedding (one-size fits all, slot name in here). Rather it is a more personal alternative to a registry office ceremony. Where you would like a ceremony that is warm, friendly and personal in its delivery, that includes personal input from you (but does not require you to do a huge amount of "homework"), acknowledges your family and friends and gives you choice of the vows you will exchange, but which is as simple and easy for you to arrange as a wedding at the registry office, a Warm and Wonderful Weekday/Weekend ceremony is a viable, and more economical option. Warm and Wonderful Weekday/Weekend Weddings are an alternative to a Registry Office ceremony allowing you to have a ceremony with all the simplicity and ease of marrying in the Registry Office but a much more personal experience for you and your guests. Conditions apply.
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Married-in-a-Minute TM Legals Only weddings
These are definitely not a cold and efficient signing of the papers.
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