Married in a MinuteTM - Legals Only Wedding

If you want the bare legal minimum my Married in a Minute option is likely to be the perfect choice. Minimum legal requirements (though you can add personal promises if you wish but in a relaxed atmosphere with love, laughter, and heart, so it is definitely not a "getting a dog licence" experience.
  • No fancy venue needed - basically your place (or mine at a pinch), or perhaps a favourite coffee shop (yours, not mine!)
  • No preparation on your part (apart from completing the Notice of Intended Marriage and showing me your documents and telling me a few simple things, like whether you plan to exchange rings) - lots of information here about what you need to do to lodge your Notice.
  • We generally just sit down round the table and just do it - but there is no reason why you can't stand up if you wish
  • Of course, I will involve your witnesses and the whole experience will be made special by your warm and friendly celebrant (moi!)
  • And when you book I'll give you my booklets How to be Married in a Minute, Stress-Free and Getting Married, Your Rights and Obligations as well as pre-marriage relationship education information including the government pamphlet Happily Ever Before .... and After.

"Married in a Minute - with Handfasting"

The barest minimum of legal words, with love, laughter, and heart, of course. Or you can add you own personal promises. Plus a visually gorgeous handfasting thrown in. Adds another minute to the experience, but what an addition (and I supply the necessary).

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