Married in a MinuteTM - Legals Only Wedding Ceremony

If you want a very minimal ceremony my Married in a MinuteTM option is likely to be the perfect choice.  It's a legals only ceremony, with the option to add just a little bit more
  • No fancy venue needed - basically your place (or mine), or perhaps a favourite coffee shop (yours, not mine!)
  • If you want to indulge in styling your backyard for a more weddingy look and feel, go for it
  • And if you want to book a venue and have a big reception, not a problem. I don't put limits on numbers of guests
  • No preparation on your part apart from
    • completing the Notice of Intended Marriage
    • showing me your documents and
    • telling me a few simple things, like whether you plan to exchange rings.
  • We generally sit down round a table and just do it.
  • Stand up if you wish, or even indulge in styling your backyard for a more weddingy atmosphere
  • Of course, I will involve your witnesses and the whole experience will be made special by your warm and friendly celebrant (me!)

Is a Married in a MinuteTM  Wedding a good choice for you?

A legals-only wedding is a fuss-free, formalities-free way of getting legally married.

It's also  a great choice if
  • Being married is more important to you than having a wedding, whether for reasons of budget, privacy, or convenience
  • You are eloping
  • You just want to get married without having to do a lot of planning or preparation
  • You are heading off overseas for your wedding but appreciate the benefits of doing the legal bit here in Australia.
Did you know that if you get married in Australia, changing your name is simple and free. But if you get married overseas, you will have to do a legal name change when you get back. Which means money, time, and a permanent retrospective change on your birth certificate
  • English isn't your first language
  • You are getting married with a Prospective Marriage Visa (fiancé visa) and want a ceremony that is easy and can be arranged at short notice
  • You are having a wedding with guests, but just want to be married without a lot of fluff and fuss

What's included in a Married in a MinuteTM  Wedding?

First of all, choice. One-size-fits-all is not my style! So I offer three different types of legals only ceremony. One of which is sure to fit what you are looking for
Second, a top-quality level of service: I bring the same passion and dedication to your low-key, legals-only wedding as I bring to all weddings. I give you the most valuable thing I have  - my time. I'm happy to take your calls 7 days a week, between 8 am and 8 pm. When you send me an email, or text, or call, I will answer, personally. No assistant, virtual or otherwise, no chat-bot either. Me.

Third, you are in expert hands:  I get the legals right. I make sure  that you are comfortable, confident, and relaxed on the day.  I make the process as stress-less as I can by  mostly, communicating by email or text so you can answer in your own time.

Please Note: The cost of your ceremony does not include a standard official marriage certificate

Married in a MinuteTM

$460. More than 20 attendees, add $75
  • A warm, friendly, highly experienced, inclusive, and culturally knowledgeable celebrant (me!)
  • Information about your legal obligations
  • Unlimited text, calls, or emails to ensure you are supported and have all your questions answered promptly
  • One (optional) face to face meeting in my office to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage
  • Whatever advice and assistance you might need to help you meet the legal requirements for proving your identity and that you are free to marry
  • All the legals done right - which means the validity of your marriage will never be in doubt
    • Lodging of your Notice of Intended Marriage
    • Sighting required identity documents
    • Legal words included in the ceremony
    • Preparing your Marriage Documents
    • Your Marriage details and documents submitted to Queensland Births Deaths and Marriages on the same day as your marriage
  • A simple ceremony focused on the legals conducted at the venue of your choice (some exceptions apply)
  • As many guests as you wish to invite
  • Unique and innovative inclusions
  • A professionally printed Commemorative Marriage Certificate
  • Optional pre-ceremony signing of declarations and mini-rehearsal in my office
  • PA system if numbers or ceremony site require it (no extra charge)
  • No additional charge for rescheduling due to COVID restrictions
The legal words, with love, laughter, and heart, of course, and some casual chit-chat to put you at ease before we start.

Married in a MinuteTM PLUS

$460. More than 20 attendees, add $75

All of the Married in a MinuteTM inclusions above, PLUS
  • your own personal promises, and/or
  • a visually gorgeous handfasting that will add another minute to the experience, but what a fabulous minute that will be (I supply the necessary cord or ribbon for the binding)
  • Your personal vows printed and bound as a keepsake
If you choose to make personal promises in addition to the legal vows you can
  • write your own vows (I will coach you through the process and teach you how to use my easy-peasy method)
  • tell me what you want to promise, and I will draft vows for you
  • use my simple-to-use Vow Builder

  Personal vows are my passion!

Married in a MinuteTM LITE

Married in a MinuteTM LITE ceremony $360
  • A bare bones legals only signing ceremony held at my office or on the patio at my office
  • The couple and two adult witnesses only
  • Arrangements made via email 
  • Information about your legal obligations
  • All the legals done right - which means the validity of your marriage will never be in doubt
    • Your signed, witnessed, Notice of Intended Marriage received by email - or a letterbox signing can be arranged
    • Lodging of your Notice of Intended Marriage
    • Sighting  of your identity documents
    • All the required legal paperwork
    • The required minimum legal words
    • Same day online submission of  your marriage details for registration of your marriage
  • A professionally printed Commemorative Marriage Certificate given to you on the day
  • No additional charge for rescheduling due to COVID restrictions

What happens on the day?

  • You and your witnesses arrive at the agreed time
  • You both sign the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage
  • I check your photo ID
  • I say the required statement from the Marriage Act
  • Each of you says the required legal vows
  • You exchange rings if you wish
  • I declare you are married (and you kiss if you wish)
  • We all sign the certificates
  • You take a few photos if you wish
  • And you live happily ever after

Further information