Love & Legals Registry Style Wedding Ceremony

A Registry Office Style Ceremony with a Bespoke Touch
Simply a lot more fun than marrying at the Registry Office
$600 Monday to Friday  $650 Saturday and Sunday
Optional Simple Handfasting

Do you want a relaxed, low key wedding ceremony that includes as much or as little as you are comfortable with, allows you to add your own personal touch, and is as private as you want it to be? But don't want the one-size-fits all ceremony available at the Registry Office.

If personal is your style, but you want a budget-friendly, fuss-free wedding that is all about the feels, a Love & Legals Wedding Ceremony officiated by me, Jennifer Cram,  is a perfect alternative to the standard one-size-fits-all wedding at the Registry Office, or in a courthouse, or offered at a similar pricepoint by others.

Whether you just want to elope in secret, or with a few friends, are heading overseas for your big white (non-legal) wedding, need to fulfil immigration requirements of a prospective marriage visa, or just want to get married legally, a Love & Legals Wedding Ceremony is the perfect choice.

It is also the perfect choice when you want a ceremony that feels very personal but want to keep it  short and sweet so you and your guests can get started on the party ASAP!

Where can your Love & Legals Wedding Ceremony be held?

It's your wedding, you get to choose not only the place, but also the time.

You can choose to have a very low-key ceremony in your own home or backyard, or in a favourite coffee shop, or even during breakfast, lunch, or dinner at a restaurant. Imagine saying your vows between courses and signing the marriage documents with dessert. It's been done.

You can choose a more formal atmosphere at a venue, or just have a picnic in the park.

How many guests can you have?

You have to have at least two, your legal witnesses, but other than that, I impose no limits. It is up to you.

What's included in a Love & Legals Wedding Ceremony

Love & Legals ceremonies are a romantic and more personal alternative to a Registry Office wedding officiated in a private home, park, restaurant, or other venue of your choice.
  • Information about your legal obligations
  • Email and/or face to face meetng
  • All the legals done right
    • Lodging of your Notice of Intended Marriage
    • Legals included in the ceremony
    • Preparation of Marriage Documents
    • Prompt online registration of your marriage
  • Personal ceremony created just for you
  • Personal vows (optional)
    • Write your own (with my help), or
    • Use my Vow Builder to create your vows
  • Simple handfasting (optional)
  • Unique and innovative inclusions
  • Professionally printed Commemorative Marriage Certificate
  • Optional pre-ceremony signing of declarations and mini-rehearsal
  • PA system if numbers or ceremony site require it
  • Please Note: The cost of your ceremony does not include a standard official marriage certificate

Are there any other advantages to a Love & Legals wedding?

Yes. Heaps!
  • You deal with only one person - me
  • You never have to stand in a queue
  • You can meet with me after hours or on weekends to make the arrangements, or you can make all the arrangements without meeting with me
  • Parking at my place is free!
  • You get to know me before the ceremony, and importantly, I get to know you whether or not we meet face to face before your big day
  • You will have the confidence that comes from knowing that the person who accepts your Notice and sights your documents is an authorised celebrant with a very deep understanding of the legal requirements
  • You can book your wedding with me and lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage even if your divorce is not yet finalised or you are waiting for divorce or birth certificates or photo ID to arrive

"Thank you for the very genuine and loving aura you brought to our registration of marriage ceremony.  Shiv and I are blessed by your presence and tokens. Thank you again. - Shweta"
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