How to choose your celebrant like you’d choose a car 

by Jennifer Cram  (updated 14/06/2018)  | Categories: | Celebrant |
Mini convertible as wedding carLet’s face it, just as any car can get you from point A to point B, any authorised celebrant can get you legally married. But it is not as simple as that. Just as the car you choose not only has to fit your budget but also be fit for purpose, so does your celebrant. No-one just rings up a selection of dealerships and asks “How much do you charge for a car?”

When you’re in the market for a vehicle, you have already done the preliminary decision-making about what type of driving you plan to do. So you start looking at that type of vehicle. You check out several different makes and models. You work through their features. You check out reviews. You narrow the field until you find the vehicle that meets your needs within your price range. And you don’t expect to get a Ferrari when you order and are paying for a Ford. Nor do you expect to pay for a Ferrari and find what you’ve got is a Ferrari body with a Ford interior and engine!Review of
                  Jennifer Cram, Brisbane Marriage Celebrant

So, here’s the thing. Whatever anyone tells you, feeling a connection with your celebrant is the factor that should seal the deal, not be the primary decision-point. Anyone who has bought a car purely because it came in their favourite colour could tell you that.

While every authorised marriage celebrant is legally able to solemnise your marriage, and at the end of the ceremony you will have moved from Point A (not married) to Point B (married), whether the ride is smooth and enjoyable comes down to whether you’ve chosen a celebrant who provides the type of service you want, provides a ceremony that reflects your personalities and the style of your wedding, offers the inclusions you expect, and charges a fee that reflects the amount of work put into creating your ceremony.