Celebrate and Include Your Grandfathers in Your Wedding Ceremony

by Jennifer Cram - Brisbane Marriage Celebrant © (03/09/2023)
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Bride resting her head
                      on her grandfather's shoulder. Both are smiling.While it has long been accepted that one of the bride's grandfathers can and should substitute for her father, should he be unavailable,

But in the more free-wheeling world of 21st century weddings there is nothing to stop you giving your grandfathers starring roles in a multitude of ways.

Everything that could be done by your fathers or grandmothers, can be assigned to one or more of your grandfathers

The ceremony


There are so many ways to include your grandfather(s) in your ceremony. Here are a few:
  • Have your one or more of your grandfathers walk you down the aisle, join with your father walking you down the aisle
  • Up the fun by asking one or more of them to be a flower dude
  • Get them to open the ceremony by welcoming the guests on behalf of both families
  • They can be part of your wedding party
  • You can choose one or two of your grandfathers to be your legal witnesses
  • They can present your rings
  • They can lead you through your vows
  • They can participate in a ritual
  • One or more of your grandfathers can even conduct the bulk of the ceremony, everything apart from the legal requirements that have to be completed by an authorised celebrant

Before the ceremony

There is nothing so sweet as a First Look with a grandparent.

The way a first look is normally understood is that, before the ceremony, in private, the marrying couple get to see one another in all their wedding finery and the moment is captured by the photographer. It is a wonderful way to calm wedding day nerves. Going one step further and having a first look with grandparents, is pretty special too. What I rarely hear of, and I can't imagine why, is adding to this by having your grandparents and parents involved, gives them all a chance to see both of you and say a few supportive words before the ceremony starts

After the ceremony

Grandfathers can have a first dance, too. They can also make speeches, propose toasts, or act as MC at your reception.

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