How to Create a Talking Logo for your Wedding

by Jennifer Cram (23/07/2016)  | Categories: | Wedding Planning |
Women talkingThe concept of a talking logo comes from business and specifically from networking techniques. Basically a talking logo rather like a verbal business card. But rather than responding to the usual "What do you do?" questions with your job title (in my case it would be "I'm a celebrant") a talking logo helps to communicate verbally the single greatest benefit of doing business with you. Again, in my case, when in social situations I say "I make people cry, but in a good way". That always ensures that people engage with my response and ask a follow-up question.

While a talking logo is primarily designed for business, having a talking logo for your wedding could be a great help. If you can clearly, in one sentence, communicate the style of your wedding and how your choice will benefit not only you, but also your guests, you will engage others but simultaneously put up a stop sign for anyone prone to wanting to insist that only a traditional wedding will see you properly married.

So, how do you create a talking logo for your wedding?

A wedding talking logo is made up of an  Action verb (We are having a wedding that..) + (solve a problem, get a result, meet a need)

Step 1. Know who you are aiming it at

Step 2. Know which problem you can solve (in business, it is which problem you can solve for them, when creating a talking logo for a wedding focus more on which unsolicited advice you can deflect!)

Step 3. Create your follow up statement. Your talking logo will be made even more compelling when you follow it with the ‘how’. How are you solving the problem, getting the result, or meeting the need? Your answer here is where reinforce your view of your wedding and make it clear that it is a done deal.

Have a go. You'll be surprised at how effective a wedding talking logo can be as a stress-reducer!

And PS, I suggest you have two - one for family and friends, focusing on deflecting unsolicited advice, and a different one to use when talking to wedding vendors, focusing on communicating both style and budget.

In my case, when talking to couples my talking logo is I give you more to ensure that your ceremony is everything it could be and should be - because life's too short for boring.
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