Spouse (Partner) Visa Weddings

Where one member of a couple is not a permanent resident of Australia you may choose to apply for the fiancé visa (Prospective Marriage Visa) or you may decide to marry while your intended spouse is in Australia temporarily and then apply for a spouse (partner) visa afterwards..

In either case you will need the services of an experienced celebrant who understands what must be done in order that your marriage complies with visa application requirements.

However, you should be aware that while Australia allows anyone to marry in this country, marrying an Australian citizen or permanent resident does not guarantee automatic granting of permanent residence.

As a Marriage Celebrant authorised by the Commonwealth of Australia to perform civil marriages ceremonies, it will be my pleasure to assist you. However, I cannot provide you with immigration information or advice or advise you about which visa you should apply for. I strongly advise you to seek advice about those matters from a registered Migration Agent.

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