Choosing the Right Time for your Naming Ceremony

by Jennifer Cram (03/12/2019)  |  Categories: | Naming Ceremonies | 
Baby being held on shoulder of womanWhat does it take to have a happy and successful naming ceremony for your child? Basically a good (and experienced) celebrant whose schedule fits yours, a relaxed and happy baby, and an environment that is comfortable for your guests.

All it takes to achieve that is a bit of juggling!

If you are at the stage in your parenting journey that you are considering organising a naming ceremony for your baby you already know that your child's personal schedule is uniquie, and most likely doesn't always align with yours.

At certain times of the day you have observed that your child is more sociable, more alert, and more amenable to the sort of activities a naming ceremony  involves. Which largely means being clean, being rested, and not being hungry. But at other times of the day is highly likely to be grumpy and demanding.

Choose a good start time for the ceremony


The secret to a successful naming ceremony often comes down to choosing the right time. Babies are often at their social best mid-morning or early afternoon. But not every baby keeps to the same timetable. So your primary consideration should be to choose a start time for the ceremony that fits your child's personal fedding/sleeping/socialability schedule.

Other issues you should also take into consideration may include
  • The Temperature.
    As most naming ceremonies are held outdoors, either in the backyard or a convenient park, it is wise to choose a time that sidesteps the hottest part of the day, and when there is shade over the ceremony area and where your guests will be standing or seated.
  • The Light
    One thing that definitely happens at naming ceremonies is that everyone takes photos. So choosing a time of day when the light is most conducive to good photos, regardless of which type of device is being used, steer clear of the middle of the day. In Queensland, the morning light is softer and really good for outdoor photos.
  • Guest work and sporting commitments

Choose a ceremony day that suits everyone


For obvious reasons, most naming ceremonies are held at the weekend, with Sunday being the more popular day, though certain public holidays are also quite popular. Australia Day, for example.

Just bear in mind that Saturdays are popular for weddings, so it might be more difficult to book a good celebrant at short notice. You also need to take your guests work commitments into account, given that many people now work at the weekend.

Allow time for pauses


If there is one thing I've learned in naming more than 300 children it is that a naming ceremony must always be conducted on "baby time". You must build enough time into the schedule of activities (for example, when lunch will be served) to allow time to pause the ceremony to tend to your child's needs (or the needs of another baby present), if necessary. Whether the baby needs changing, feeding, or generally soothing, this should be able to be done with minimum stress. I always have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep your guests engaged and occupied while we pause the ceremony.

If I'm not available on your chosen day


It may be that, if a whole raft of reasons, the only day/time that you can schedule your child's naming is one I'm just not available for. I've got that covered. Talk to me about a DIY ceremony option. That's the one where I create the ceremony and provide a full script and coaching so one of your friends or a family member can lead the ceremony on the day. You'll find information about my naming ceremony services at Naming Ceremonies

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