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The Gift of a Good Name 

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Celebrating the gift of a good name with a naming ceremony is a wonderful way to acknowledge the person your child is, and will become. ... Read on...

Choosing the Right Time for your Naming Ceremony 

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Achieving a happy and successful naming ceremony for your child has a lot to do with how and when you schedule the ceremony ... Read on...

Tree Planting Ritual  

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The planting of a tree during a wedding, naming ceremony, or memorial ceremony is a powerful ritual. ... Read on...

1st Birthday Naming Ceremonies are Extra Special  

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A naming ceremony has much in common with a birthday celebration, so celebrating the two at the same event makes a great deal of sense, symbolically, emotionally, and financially ... Read on...

Being a Godparent at a Naming Ceremony - What you need to know

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Being asked to be a godparent for a child is a huge honour. While there are many similarities between being a godparent at a religious Christening and being a godparent at a Naming Ceremony, there are also some significant
differences  Read on...

Balloons and Bushfires 

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Balloon releases can cause or spread bushfires  Read on...

Adult Naming and Gender Affirmation Ceremonies   

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An important part of transitioning is choosing a new name and transitioning socially, letting other know your true gender. A formal naming ceremony can be a significant part of the process and a way to gather those who support you round you in celebration of your preferred name.  Read on...

Unity Sand Ceremony

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The Unity Sand Ceremony - what it is, how it is done, and what you need  Read on...