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I'm always delighted to be involved in formally naming a child. So I'm stoked that I've been able to be delighted over 300 times.

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Reasons to hold a Naming Ceremony


6 Good Reasons to Hold a Naming Ceremony

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Why hold a naming ceremony? Apart from celebrating your child's arrival, a naming ceremony accomplishes some important things, all of which are good reasons for holding one ... More ...

The Gift of a Good Name 

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Celebrating the gift of a good name with a naming ceremony is a wonderful way to acknowledge the person your child is, and will become. ... More ...

Planning a Naming Ceremony


Your Easy-As Guide to Organising a Naming Ceremony

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Like any celebration, working your way through a series of questions will help focus your minds on what you want for and from your child's naming ceremony, and will also point you to what you need to do to make sure that you pull off an experience that your friends and loved ones will talk about for years. ... More ...

Choosing the Right Time for your Naming Ceremony 

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Achieving a happy and successful naming ceremony for your child has a lot to do with how and when you schedule the ceremony ... More ...

1st Birthday Naming Ceremonies are Extra Special  

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A naming ceremony has much in common with a birthday celebration, so celebrating the two at the same event makes a great deal of sense, symbolically, emotionally, and financially ... More ...

Being a Godparent at a Naming Ceremony - What you need to know

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Being asked to be a godparent for a child is a huge honour. While there are many similarities between being a godparent at a religious Christening and being a godparent at a Naming Ceremony, there are also some significant
differences  More ...

Adult Naming and Gender Affirmation Ceremonies   

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An important part of transitioning is choosing a new name and transitioning socially, letting other know your true gender. A formal naming ceremony can be a significant part of the process and a way to gather those who support you round you in celebration of your preferred name.  More ...

Naming Ceremony Rituals


Blowing Bubbles, Covid-19 Safe or Covid-19 Risky?

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Is it safe to blow bubbles in your ceremony, or is there a risk of spreading COVID-19? ... More ...

Tree Planting Ritual  

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The planting of a tree during a wedding, naming ceremony, or memorial ceremony is a powerful ritual. ... More ...

Balloons and Bushfires 

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Balloon releases can cause or spread bushfires  More ...

Unity Sand Ceremony

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The Unity Sand Ceremony - what it is, how it is done, and what you need  More ...