Your UnderCover Celebrant:
Ceremony Writing and Coaching Service

For when you want your friend to perform your ceremony
In Australia, only a duly authorised Marriage Celebrant (or licensed member of the clergy, or state marriage officer at a Registry Office or Courthouse) can solemnise your marriage, but anyone can perform a non-legal wedding ceremony .

Couples having two ceremonies is a growing trend: a legals-only ceremony in which their marriage is solemnised by an authorised Marriage Celebrant and a non-legal wedding ceremony performed by a friend.

What's involved when I create the ceremony and coach your friend?


Obviously there are many things to consider before you commit to having a friend perform your ceremony. I've explored them in my blog post Friend or Professional Celebrant? Everything you need to consider when deciding who will conduct your wedding ceremony. But often the biggest stumbling block is that the friend you would really like to perform your ceremony has never written or performed a wedding ceremony before.

And this is where I come in. For a reasonable fee I will work with you and your friend to create your ceremony and coach your friend in all aspects of performing and managing a wedding ceremony.

Using my Celebrant Undercover service will guarantee that

  • The four of us (the two of you, your friend, and I) work together as a team to ensure you have the ceremony of your dreams
  • Your ceremony will be both personal and professional because it will be drafted based on information you give me, and  by listening and offering feedback, suggestions, and guidance, refined to ensure it is perfect on the day.
  • Your friend will feel supported and confident in not just performing the ceremony, but managing it as well.
  • POA
Our wedding last weekend was magical. The ceremony was so special. A and I loved every minute of it and our guests were so moved by it - we’ve had such beautiful feedback from family and friends about how meaningful and truly unique the ceremony was. People genuinely felt really privileged to be a part of it. I can’t put into words what it means to us that D. married A. and I - it really made the whole experience so personal and everybody in attendance felt the gravity of it. None of this would have been possible had we not found you. You encouraged us to be brave and make this wedding our own. Your care, expertise, deep thought and support throughout encouraged us to believe in ourselves and enabled us to create the wedding ceremony of our dreams. Words cannot express the deep gratitude that we feel for you and everything that you have done to make this possible. Thank you so much. With deepest gratitude and much love  - S & A

DIY Option


Ceremony Script: Inclusive Wedding $35

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Cover of PDF
                      book Ceremony Script - Inclusive Wedding Created
                      by Jennifer Cram authorised marriage celebrant.
                      Graphic on the cover is a photograph of two silver
                      wedding rings on a latte coloured ribbon

The answer you've been looking for if you've been asked to conduct your friend's wedding but you aren't a seasoned celebrant.


No need to stress, or to spend countless hours searching the internet trying to find the perfect script. Not only will using this script take all that stress away, your friends will NEVER guess your secret. PDF format - Delivered to you via email - Flexible script with many options - Targeted guide to the different parts of the ceremony - Accumulated insight, wisdom, and experience of a top celebrant.

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