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Welcome! I'm Jennifer Cram, Authorised Marriage Celebrant

I'm looking forward to meeting you. Please feel free to contact me today for an obligation- free chat
I'm a secular humanist celebrant and passionate advocate for equality and inclusion.
I'm also a published author and a generous sharer of facts, practical tips, and creative Ideas for your one-of-a-kind ceremony.  But most of all, my calling and commitment is to work with you to create and deliver a ceremony that is everything you hope it will be, and more, and that the whole experience of working with me is easy and productive.
I make sure you are involved in the creation of your ceremony,  that is has the right feel, is the perfect length for you, and makes everyone present feel welcome and valued.
I bring the perfect mix of humour, light-heartedness, and gravitas to the way I deliver your ceremony, making sure it is all about you (which means I don't talk about myself, don't tell lame or offensive jokes, don't perpetuate sexist traditions, and don't position myself in the centre of your photos or push you into taking selfies with me.
Whatever you suggest my response will be
Here are some ways in which we can make that happen

Thanks so much for stopping by. Please feel free to call me Jenny. All my friends do. I hope that the very comprehensive information on my website  will be useful and that, very soon, we will be having a chat about how, together, we can make your hopes and dreams for your special day, a reality.

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I  make it easy  for you to have the Best. Ceremony. Ever.
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Deciding to become a marriage celebrant 15 years ago was one the best decisions I've ever made. It is both a privilege and a pleasure to work with couples, families, and individuals to turn your hopes and ideas into a beautiful, meaningful, ceremony that speaks to your hearts, the hearts of your friends and loved ones, and contributes to making your day a true reflection of who you are.

I hope that we will become firm friends as we work together to  create a ceremony that is a perfect mix of laughter and tears, of serious words and light-hearted expressions, of words to listen to, actions to look at, symbolism to internalise, and interaction between you and your guests as well as between your guests and me, your celebrant.

Getting married, or organising a ceremony to celebrate a significant life event, shouldn't be difficult.  I not only work hard to make the process straightforward and focused on what you want and on how you want your ceremony to look and feel, what I do and how I do it is truly different (but not in a weird way).

What do I do that sets my ceremonies apart from the rest?
Most ceremonies, wedding ceremonies especially, start with a pre-determined standard structure to which you might add some personalisation to put your stamp on the ceremony. I turn that on its head, because, in order to make the ceremony truly yours, and really about you, we need to start with you. Who you are, what makes you tick, what dreams and ideas you have.

I TAKE the vision that comes from your hopes and dreams
So some of the first questions I will ask you is How do you want your ceremony to feel?  What message about who you are and what is unique and special about your relationship do you want your ceremony to convey to your guests? What are your hopes, and fears, about your ceremony? We allow your answers to inform, guide, and determine the structure of the ceremony. And whether we focus on the ceremony being relaxed and fun for you, entertaining for your guests, meaningful, non-traditional, traditional, personal, romantic, or all (or some) of the above. And that applies equally regardless of whether it is a wedding, commitment, naming, renewal of vows, or other ceremony.

And then
I APPLY the magic of words to tell your story, create emotions, and convey your love,
and ADD creativity, passion, and experience together with the rich heritage of my profession,
to DESIGN a ceremony that is everything it could be and should be because life’s too short for boring!

And along the way I give you much more ... more Time, more Attention, more Creativity, more Information, more Resources, and more Autonomy  ... a wealth of ideas, knowledge, suggestions, and all the freedom you need to have a ceremony that is everything it could be, and should be.

Your ceremony will have my fingerprint on it (after all, that's why people hire me).
Unique though a fingerprint is, it is subtle.
What your guests will notice is that your ceremony is recognisably you!

How am I different?
I tend to think outside the box, and I encourage you to do the same. Whatever you imagine I am open to making  happen. I genuinely care about your ceremony, and about you, so I will give you more assistance and information than you might be expecting, including all the knowledge that is in my 11 books (so far) on different aspects of wedding ceremonies. And I have the wisdom and life-experience to do this in a way that is practical, respectful, and inclusive. 
  • I approach every ceremony with a huge sense of responsibility, genuine warmth and empathy, together with kindness and a grounded life-view.
  • My style is warm, friendly, and relaxed - and with the confidence to ensure that you are the centre of attention. I don't hog the limelight. I don't need to.
  • I firmly believe that getting married, or celebrating a significant life event with ceremony, should not be difficult. I make sure the whole process is straight-forward and focused on what you want to achieve on the day. So, with me as your celebrant the lead-up to your ceremony will be relaxed, stress-free, and fun, so I work very hard to provide you with top quality, personal service that delivers on your dreams. This has been recognised over many years of making the finalist lists for awards for both Queensland's and Australia's top marriage celebrants.
  • I make sure that ideas of tradition, or possible misunderstandings about what is required to make sure your marriage is legal, do not prevent or inhibit you from thinking outside the box (or for that matter, pretty well throwing the box away). For example, did you know that the celebrant doesn't have to do all the talking, be centre-stage for the whole time, or talk about themselves in the ceremony?
  • The ceremonies I create and officiate are relaxed, but not chaotic, carefully planned, but open to spontaneity, and always designed to be lovely to look at, so your photos and videos will be fantastic.
  • In the planning phase, I explore with you all the possibilities for an entertaining and engaging ceremony.
  • I really will deliver a ceremony that is fresh and exciting, that integrates interaction and speaking from the heart with a carefully prepared ceremony that you will have signed off on.
  • I make sure that your guests feel very much part of the ceremony.
  • Being a celebrant is my only job. Therefore my loyalty is 100% to you, and my focus is 100% on you.
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Here's a taste of what past clients have said about my services

I highly recommend Jennifer as your celebrant, particularly for couples who don't want an overly religious ceremony and those who come from different cultural backgrounds. Jennifer is INCREDIBLY professional and very knowledgeable about the legal side of marriage. She came up with an amazing ceremony for us, including suggesting the involvement of a traditional marriage ritual from my husband's cultural background. She thinks about details such as how to be positioned so your photographer can get the best angles for your wedding photos. Please meet with Jennifer, I am sure you will be thrilled with her service!  - Jess

Hi Jenny, Miles and I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony you performed yesterday in our home. It truly was warm and wonderful! So many of the guests said the ceremony was the best they’d been to. Your manner was warm, friendly and sincere. You were able to weave a personal and unique ceremony from our answers to your questionnaire. We were most impressed with how you delivered a ceremony that was a true reflection of us. It went beyond our expectations and we would highly recommend you as would many of our guests.  We couldn’t help but be moved by your beautiful and  meaningful  words regarding what marriage signifies. It was pure artistry. We really appreciated  the professional and efficient way you dealt with any queries. Thank you for making our day extra special. - Warm wishes - Eileen and Miles

I love working with you - you are always so professional and caring plus we have a stack of fun.
I love how it's always about the bride and groom and what they are about and what they want. With you no request from them is too much trouble. You are an angel xoxo
- Sheila Sissons Photography

Dear Jennifer, Mark and I can not thank you enough for your services.  As effortlessly as you delivered the whole ceremony, the guests would not have known how much work you had put in to making our day as wonderful as it was. We knew!! We completed all those surveys and sent multiple emails which you took in your stride and handled so professionally and with due sensitivity. We had so much fun at our own wedding and even though we had read the ceremony, it still amazed and  touched us. We especially loved the surprise portion. We were not going to video the wedding, though after having a hint of something a little extra occurring we had the photographer set up a video, although we have all sorts of other sounds, planes, wind and lots and lots of laughter, it was great to capture the surprise you had for us and how we handled it. The service you deliver is absolutely, hands down terrific value for money. Our ceremony was everything we wanted and a true reflection of us, you captured the best of us and delivered it marvelously. Thank you!!  You have our highest recommendation. Gratefully - Hanna and Mark

The way you conduct a ceremony is amazing.  You make the guests feel like you've known us for years. The whole ceremony was perfect. We loved how you made us fill in-depth questionnaires to create a ceremony that reflected us. We loved that you took our love of cats and used it to create a beautiful gift and ceremony. All our guests commented on how lovely our ceremony was. - Emma and Jeremy

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