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Jennifer Cram, Authorised Marriage Celebrant

... making it easy for you to have a ceremony that is a perfect mix of laughter and tears, of serious words and light-hearted expressions, of words to listen to, actions to look at, symbolism to internalise, and interaction between you and your guests as well as between your guests and me, your celebrant.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Please call me Jenny. All my friends do.

Whether you are
  • looking for a celebrant
  • gathering information about what you need to do to be legally married
  • or just trying to get a feel for what a naming, renewal of vows, or other type of ceremony might include

I hope that the very comprehensive information on my website will be useful and that, very soon, we will be having a chat about how, together, we can make your hopes and dreams for your special day, a reality.

I tend to think outside the box, and I encourage you to do the same. So I am open to making whatever you come up with, happen. And I have the wisdom and life-experience to do this in a way that is practical, respectful, and inclusive.  Over the past twelve years I have created and officiated in excess of 1200 unique, custom-created, weddings and other ceremonies as a professional, award-winning marriage celebrant and passionate advocate and supporter of marriage equality. I love my calling (it is not just a job!), so I would love to talk to you about what I can offer you as your celebrant.

  • I am a full-time celebrant, completely independent of any venue or other service provider, therefore my loyalty and focus is 100% on you.
  • The ceremonies I create and officiate are relaxed, but not chaotic, carefully planned, but open to spontaneity, and always designed to be lovely to look at, so the photos  are fantastic.
  • I welcome all clients with open arms - regardless of who you are, who you love, or where you come from.
  • In the planning phase, I explore with you all the possibilities for an entertaining and engaging ceremony.
  • I firmly believe that getting married, or organising a ceremony to celebrate a significant life event, should not be hard. I make sure the whole process is straight-forward and focused on what you want to achieve on the day. So, with me as your celebrant the lead-up to your ceremony will be relaxed, stress-free, and fun.
  • Whether you are planning to have the full white wedding ceremony experience, or just get married in a very simple ceremony that is nonetheless original and personal, or a naming ceremony that truly celebrates not only your child, but your family, or a renewal of vows to celebrate the success of your marriage, or some other ceremony, I really will deliver a ceremony that is fresh and exciting and will touch the hearts of everyone present. 
  • I don't just wing it on the day! Your ceremony will be carefully prepared, with lots of input from you.
  • I don't have my head in a script the whole time. Interaction and speaking from the heart are both features of the ceremonies I work with my clients to create. 
  • I make sure that your guests feel very much part of the ceremony.
  • I work very hard to provide each and every client with top quality, personal service that delivers on their dreams. This has been recognised over many years of making the finalist lists for awards for both Queensland's and Australia's top marriage celebrants.
  • I make sure that ideas of tradition, or possible misunderstandings about what is required to make sure your marriage is legal, do not prevent of inhibit you from thinking outside the box (or for that matter, pretty well throwing the box away). For example, did you know that the celebrant doesn't have to do all the talking, be centre-stage for the whole time, or talk about themselves in the ceremony?
  • I genuinely care about your ceremony, and about you, so I probably give you more assistance and information that you expect, including all the knowledge that is in my 11 books (so far) on different aspects of wedding ceremonies.

I'm not going to sell myself purely on personality. It's not about me, it's about you. Your ceremony. Your day. Your style.  I can be (and usually am when it is appropriate) just as awesome, or fun, or quirky, or hip, or vibrant, as anyone else, though I do not claim to be one of the best/most awesome etc, or the only celebrant on earth who cares/who is awesome/who is fun, etc. No celebrant can claim that because there is no way to verify such claims, and to make such claims would make as much sense as claiming to be the best celebrant on the moon!  The simple truth is that there are many good celebrants available, and if I am not available on your chosen date, or we don't click, I can help you to find someone who will meet your needs.

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Hi Jenny, Miles and I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony you performed yesterday in our home. It truly was warm and wonderful! So many of the guests said the ceremony was the best they’d been to. Your manner was warm, friendly and sincere. You were able to weave a personal and unique ceremony from our answers to your questionnaire. We were most impressed with how you delivered a ceremony that was a true reflection of us. It went beyond our expectations and we would highly recommend you as would many of our guests.  We couldn’t help but be moved by your beautiful and  meaningful words regarding what marriage signifies. It was pure artistry. We really appreciated  the professional and efficient way you dealt with any queries. Thank you for making our day extra special. Warm wishes - Eileen and Miles

Our wedding was the best event we have ever been part of. Jennifer’s calm and thoughtful approach encouraged us to make it entirely our own, with all of the bits we wanted and none of the longwinded elements that are so often part of a wedding. The most precious gift Jenny gave us was encouraging us to think about what we most needed to hear from each other in our vows, and to write those things as a conversation between us. We actually wrote our vows in the car, driving back home from our first meeting with Jennifer. The attention to detail was perfect, and Jenny gave us sound advice on seemingly unimportant little things like where to secrete the rings prior to the ceremony, and how to hold hands so that the exchange of rings wouldn’t be awkward. We have heard so many people say that they didn’t actually enjoy their own weddings as they were so stressed - we had a ball, and not even a week into married life we are wondering how soon we can renew our vows and do it all over again! - De and Graham

Dear Jennifer, Mark and I can not thank you enough for your services.  As effortlessly as you delivered the whole ceremony, the guests would not have known how much work you had put in to making our day as wonderful as it was. We knew!! We completed all those surveys and sent multiple emails which you Hanna & Mark, with Jennifer Cram, Brisbane Marriage Celebrant took in your stride and handled so professionally and with due sensitivity. We had so much fun at our own wedding and even though we had read the ceremony, it still amazed and  touched us. We especially loved the surprise portion. We were not going to video the wedding, though after having a hint of something a little extra occurring we had the photographer set up a video, although we have all sorts of other sounds, planes, wind and lots and lots of laughter, it was great to capture the surprise you had for us and how we handled it. The service you deliver is absolutely, hands down terrific value for money. Our ceremony was everything we wanted and a true reflection of us, you captured the best of us and delivered it marvelously. Thank you!!  You have our highest recommendation. Gratefully - Hanna & Mark