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                Celebrant; The Celebrant Who Gives You More; Roses,
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to magic possibilities and to the start of an exciting experience!

I'm Jenny, authorised marriage celebrant, awesome wordsmith and fun and relaxed performer of inclusive ceremonies in Brisbane and surrounds.

I'm all Sauce + Substance + Solid Know How which makes me wildly good at getting you married, and at surprising and delighting your nearest and dearest with a ceremony that's 100% you and 164% definitely not boring!

With a few beautifully crafted words [and some paperwork!] I can change your legal status to Married, with everything that means, legally and emotionally.

Or I can celebrate the success of your marriage with a Renewal of Vows, or formally welcome your child into the family. I can even do all of those things in one combo ceremony - ask me.

I make people laugh, and cry, in a good way! Whether your ceremony is going to be the big bash or a teeny secret one, or something in-between, there will be no open-mike-night shenanigans and outdated sexist traditions will be firmly kicked to the kerb.  Inclusive, meaningful, and fun is my vibe and my style.

I absolutely guarantee that I never do BORING In fact, I can explain to you exactly what makes a wedding boring, and why we definitely shouldn't do those things (and it's not what you might think it is!)
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How it works

To make the ceremony truly yours, and really about you, I turn the "usual" way ceremonies are developed on its head. I start by getting to know you. Who you are, what makes you tick, what dreams and ideas you have.

I'll give you my inspiring and informative booklets that are a treasure trove of tradition-twisting, rule-bending information, and all the freedom you need to have a ceremony that is worthy of you. Actually, I'll be assuring you that there are almost no rules and nothing stopping you being the stars of your own ceremony. That's why you'll see me standing off to one side for most of it.

When the big day rolls around, you can be confident that your ceremony will have the right feel, is the perfect length for you, and that everyone present feel welcome and valued.

Your ceremony will have my fingerprint on it. That's why people hire me!
Unique though a fingerprint is, it is subtle. What your guests will notice is that your ceremony is interestingly, authentically, lovingly you!

... the ceremony was the highlight of the day, you made our wedding so special, you made us laugh and cry and have the best time ... I have never actually been to a ceremony that was so enjoyable that you almost don't want it to end except for ours. Lots of love S & A
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