This blog is very much the product of my own experience as a marriage and general celebrant and of thinking outside the box.

I love to explore all things wedding (and namings, and other ceremonies). In fact, about all things ceremony. And I especially love delving into how what might seem like small decisions can have a big impact on how it all goes on the day. And, of course, sharing!
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  • Celebrant - posts about what a celebrant does, how to choose a celebrant, etc
  • Days of the Week - traditions and opportunities that come with the day you choose
  • Inclusive Weddings - posts about aspects of weddings that are inclusive of culture, gender, sexuality, and ability, etc
  • Wedding Budget - posts about wedding budgets and how to save money and prioritise expenditure
  • Wedding Legals - posts about what it takes to make your marriage legal
  • Wedding Planning - lots of different aspects of planning your wedding, all of them important
  • Wedding Traditions - there are so many traditions around weddings that people often think of them as rules. Expect to find facts about the history of these, plus some provocative thoughts from me. (Hint: Wedding traditions are peer pressure from previous generations and many stem from superstitions that are no longer relevant)
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