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Your Wedding Party - Busting the Myths 

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Four myths about wedding parties persist, despite it being the 21st century, despite society more inclusive, and despite three quarters of wedding ceremonies in Australia being civil ceremonies where ceremony content is all about personal choice and ensuring that your wedding reflects who you are as a couple. ... Read on...

Acknowledgement of Country

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Starting your wedding or other ceremony with an Acknowledgement of Country sends a powerful message of respect and inclusion... Read on...

Ageist Judgmental Celebrants Make Me VERY Cross

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A rant about celebrant advertising that is judgemental of clients and ageist about other celebrants ...    Read on...

Getting married when you don’t identify with a gender

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Gender is now immaterial when getting married in Australia. When marrying you do not have to use gendered terminology or adhere to gendered role ...    Read on...

Has Marriage Equality Changed Weddings? – My Predictions Revisited

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A year ago, I predicted that Marriage Equality would change all weddings in Australia, as more and more heterosexual couples, previously constrained by a wedding playbook that includes outmoded traditions and embedded roles defined by gender, experience the individual, meaningful, expressions of an equal relationship in the weddings of same-sex couples  - and that every wedding, gay or straight, would be the better for it.  So how accurate was I?   Read on...

How to have a Gracious Wedding

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Most couples today host their own weddings. Here are 35 ways to make sure that everyone feels welcome, appreciated, and both physically and emotionally comfortable.  ...    Read on...

You, Your Wedding, and Trans-Gender and Non-Binary Inclusivity

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If you’re a Cis-gender couple planning your own wedding, issues of gender identity may not be front and centre in the process. However there are good reasons why they should be. Here are some tips on how to make sure your wedding is a comfortable and inclusive experience for everyone who attends, regardless of their gender identity.    Read on...

How Marriage Equality Will Change Wedding Ceremonies (17/01/2018)

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This is my prediction – wedding ceremonies will change, but it won’t be a case of  the wedding industry merely accommodating same-sex couples. Rather same sex couples will influence, by example, all civil wedding ceremonies in Australia, and all weddings will be the better for it.
Read on...

Same Sex Ceremonies - Negotiating the Gendered Nature of Ceremony Traditions (09/01/2018)

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Rather than assign roles, assign various customs .... Read on...

Multicultural Fusion Weddings (08/01/2018)

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If you are an intercultural couple, how do you navigate your ceremony?  It is not uncommon to have two ceremonies.  But there is a third option - a fusion wedding ceremony that incorporates the traditions of what are important to you both ... .... Read on...