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Easy ways to Conquer Your Fears about Your Vows 

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One of the biggest fears couples share with me is about speaking in public and stuffing up their vows, but making your vows to one another is not like standing on a platform, facing an audience, and making a speech. So there are ways to avoid ugly crying  ... Read on...

Nail your Vows by doing these 3 simple things     

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I've never met a couple who didn't want their exchange of vows to go without a hitch on the day. The  good news is, like everything else about your wedding, preparation is key. Doing 3 simple things before you start writing your vows will guarantee a flawless vow exchange ...    Read on...

Writing your vows doesn't have to be hard     

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Writing your own vows is awonderful way to personalise your ceremony - and it is not difficult if you remember one simple thing ...    Read on...

Bride promising to obey until death? Not any more     

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A very common question from brides is "Do I have to promise to obey"    Read on...