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The heart of any wedding ceremony is the vows. Not the dry legal statement that is required to create the contract of marriage between you, but the personal promises you make to one another. Although there is so much said about writing your own vows being stressful, it really shouldn't be. After all, what you are doing is speaking to one another about your commitment to them and to your relationship. It is saying I love you. I always will. And because of that I will treat you right. Simple as. In your own words of course. Talking about the things that are important to both of you. So don't stress. There is no my vows are better than yours league table! I'll work with you. Give you my magic easy-as method. And it will be fantastic on the day.

Read Your Vows Like a Pro

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On your wedding day you can repeat your vows after your celebrant, or you can read them. Or you can do both! In Australia, each of you must speak a specific contractual statement. It is this statement that creates your marriage. If you choose to read this statement (perfectly legal to do so) and/or your personal promises, there are several things you can do to make sure that you read with confidence  ...  More

Dot Point your Vows for Ease and Effect

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Succinct vows can be very effective. And you can't get more succinct than dot points. If you are planning to read your vows, dot pointing them will make them easy to read and so much easier to write! ...  More

Vows, Personal Promises, and what goes first

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Out in celebrant land there are differing opinions about whether your personal promises must follow the legal vows, or whether they can be said before you make your legal vows. Here's why I believe that personal promises can be made anywhere in the ceremony - or not at all, if you so choose. ... More ...

Declutter your Vows: 3 Vows are Better than One!

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There is a simple solution to the struggle to write your personal vows. Instead of trying to fit it
all into one vow, write three vows. And there is a rational reason why this is a great idea ... More ...

How to Avoid Ugly Crying During Your Wedding

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Are you nervous about ugly crying during the most emotional parts of the day (the ceremony and the speeches)? There are tried and true ways to make sure you feel the emotions but avoid the ugly part of the crying ... More ...

Your Wedding Vows: Legal, Personal, Private? What's the Difference?

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What's the difference between legal vows and personal vows (personal promises) and can you keep
them private?... More ...

7 Things to Do With Your Vows After Your Wedding

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The promises you make to one another are the heart, soul, and centrepiece of your ceremony.
They come from your best and higher selves. They are also the blueprint for your marriage and a timeless reminder of what is important to you both. So don't pack them away... More ...

Till Death Do Us Part - Traditional Yes, Required Definitely Not

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Why do we associate Till Death Do Us Part with weddings and do you have to say it in your vows? ... More ...

Easy ways to Conquer Your Fears about Your Vows 

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One of the biggest fears couples share with me is about speaking in public and stuffing up their vows, but making your vows to one another is not like standing on a platform, facing an audience, and making a speech. So there are ways to avoid ugly crying  ... More ....

Nail your Vows by doing these 3 simple things     

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I've never met a couple who didn't want their exchange of vows to go without a hitch on the day. The  good news is, like everything else about your wedding, preparation is key. Doing 3 simple things before you start writing your vows will guarantee a flawless vow exchange ...    More ...

Writing your vows doesn't have to be hard     

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Writing your own vows is an effective and extremely personal way to make your ceremony authentic. And it is not difficult if you remember one simple thing ...    More ...

Bride promising to obey until death? Not any more     

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A very common question from brides is "Do I have to promise to obey"    More ...

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