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How to Hold Your Wedding Bouquet

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How you carry your bouquet can make a world of difference to your photos, and to how much your guests see of your beautiful dress and, potentially, your face ...  More

Masked-Up and Married - How to Rock a Mask on your Wedding Day

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With COVID-19 compulsory mask-wearing anytime you leave your own home very definitely on
the agenda, it is time to do some forward planning and prepare to rock a mask on your wedding day if you are required to wear one ... More ...

How to be Gorgeous in Glasses on Your Wedding Day

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Marrying the person who fell in love with glasses-wearing you has got to be the best reason on the
planet to splurge on a new pair of luxury designer frames ... More ...

Trash the Dress and other things to do with your wedding gown after the big day

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Your wedding day has been and gone. And now you have that lovely dress hanging in your closet. What to do with it? ... More ...

All About Silk

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Silk is the luxury fabric. Used both in wedding gowns on for grooms' ties. To learn about the many types of silk ... More ...

All About Lace

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Lace and weddings go together like, well, wedding gowns and weddings. Regarded to be the traditional bridal fabric, it has been popular for luxury wedding gowns for centuries. To learn about the most popular types of lace used in wedding gowns ... More ...

The Shocking Truth about Wedding Dresses

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The single biggest contributor to the carbon footprint of your wedding may surprise you ... More ,,,