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Nothing causes more stress in life - whether planning a wedding or just jogging along - than money! Sticking to your wedding budget will make life so much easier. So I come back to budget, managing it, and keeping within it, time and time again. One thought. It is not the money you throw at your wedding that makes it unique and memorable. I've been a guest as some very price weddings that really didn't leave much impression. What will make your wedding memorable regardless of what your budget is, will be you doing you. And I'm here to help you do just that.

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3 Reasons why I don't discount my fees

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While discounting of celebrant fees is a sales strategy some use during Black Friday sales and at other times, I do not discount for 3 good reasons. Discounting is discriminatory, manipulative, and can contribute to blowing your wedding budget.... More ...

Wedding costs


How much does a wedding cost?

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While other parts of the retail sector are seeing a downturn, even though the number of weddings in Australia per year is dropping, the wedding industry is flourishing - and that is costing couples big time. But it doesn't have to ... More ...

The Shocking Truth about Wedding Dresses

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The single biggest contributor to the carbon footprint of your wedding may surprise you ...
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What celebrants charge


Setting Celebrant Fees in a Regulated Environment

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Celebrant fees need to cover multiple expenses, some of them regulated, but how celebrants set their fees and what they charge is unregulated. While written for a celebrant audience marrying couples will find it informative and helpful. Repost (with additional material) of my article published in The Celebrant,   Issue 7, March 2021, pp 68-78 ... More ...

Behind the Scenes: What Goes on in Preparing your Ceremony (02/01/2018)

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It is not unusual for a celebrant to receive a request for a lowball fee on the grounds that "it is only an hour". However, what you and your guests see on the day is only a fraction of what I do to make your ceremony special and your marriage legal.  An incredible amount of work and preparation happens behind the scenes to make that hour possible. It is also not unusual for full realisation of how much behind the scenes preparation is involved to sink in only when a couple attends other weddings down the track and sees the result of some of that behind the scenes work being omitted ... More ...

Your celebrant is NOT ripping you off (it is more than just half an hour) (10/07/2017)

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There is an awful lot that goes into the half-hour the ceremony lasts - and that's what you are paying for ... More ...

Some budget-friendly ideas


Fund your Wedding and Include your Loved Ones with a Wedding Registry

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Rethinking what you might put on your wedding registry list and/or substituting a Wedding Wish List for a Wishing Well can be great solutions to two of the big dilemmas 2020 has created for couples planning to marry   More ...

Breakfast Weddings - A Beautiful Budget-Friendly Option

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Even on a weekend, having a breakfast wedding gives you more options and more chance of booking your chosen suppliers. And it is a very budget-friendly option .... More ...

How to have an Environmentally Friendly and Socially Conscious Wedding (25/10/2016)

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Environmentally friendly celebrations do not have to lack style. As well as ensuring that you do not start your married life by unwittingly contributing to climate change or environmental damage, making socially conscious choices can save you money – and provide a defensible justification for not breaking the bank! ...  More ...

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Let's Talk About Averages and Wedding Budgets

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What is the average wedding budget? What does average mean? Averages normalise, and that
matters ...  More ...

Budget wreckers


Don't let FOMO wreck your budget ... or your wedding     

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Fear of Missing Out can prompt you to spend money without due consideration or sign up to wedding services in a hurry, leaving you with Buyers Remorse, or worse...   More ...

Wedding Budget Blow-outs - how to avoid them

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By far the most significant cause of wedding stress is money. Aligning your wedding day dreams with what you can afford is not an easy task. Creating a budget and sticking to it takes time, concentration, and commitment when there is so much choice of ways to spend on your wedding, and so many unintended and unexpected ways in which your budget can blow out.    More ...

Wedding Budget Hidden Costs that Everyone Forgets

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Here are the four major sources of hidden costs that you need to be aware of, and budget for, when planning your wedding.    More ...

8 Simple Ways to Keep Within your Wedding Budget

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One of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning is keeping within your wedding budget. Here are 8 simple things that will make that a breeze ...    More ...

After the wedding


12 Essential Post-Wedding Tasks

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Here are a dozen things that you really must do after your wedding ...  More...