Intimate Wedding Ceremonies - For Micro-Weddings

The wedding ceremony for you is the one that truly expresses who you are. If you are looking for meaningful simplicity in your wedding, but still want it to be very personal, if you don't like large crowds, or if you're on a tight budget, consider having an intimate wedding ceremony as part of your microwedding.

While the cost of the ceremony represents a very small proportion of your total wedding cost where you really don't want to spend a fortune on the ceremony and party to follow, your options are rather limited.
  • You can go to the registry office,  But this means that your tradeoff for simple and cheap is generic, impersonal, and potentially soulless.
  • You can choose your own venue and go with a celebrant who offers a "registry office style ceremony" - a generic ceremony that is probably a teeny bit  more romantic and just slightly longer than the registry office ceremony but conveys little or nothing about you as a couple.
  • OR, as the saying goes, when faced with a choice of two alternatives, always pick the third ... You can choose to have a simple and meaningful ceremony officiated by me, Jennifer Cram.
This third option is a great choice for couples who want an intimate wedding ceremony, because I offer two different packages
  • a Uniquely Personal Micro-Wedding Ceremony, which is a custom-created ceremony that focuses on your vows - the promises you make to each other. I work with you to create vows that reflect who you are and what you want to promise each other, and I set them within a ceremony that acknowledges your witnesses and your guests (if you have any) and celebrates your commitment to each other.  The ceremony is purpose-written for you, not pre-scripted, and I will give you a beautifully presented copy of the ceremony as a keepsake
  • A Love & Legals Micro-Wedding, which is a more personal alternative to a one-size-fits-all ceremony at the Registry Office. This package is often chosen by couples by couples fulfilling the requirements of fiance visa immigration, or by couples who are having a non-legal destination wedding overseas.

For both of these the modest fee covers

  • My skills as an experienced celebrant
  • A warm and beautiful ceremony with personal touches
  • The same level of dedication to meeting your needs and making the day special for you as I bring to all ceremonies, large or small
  • Compliance with all legal requirements
  • Attendance at the venue agreed
  • Solemnising of the marriage - which I do with warmth and sensitivity
  • Provision of the Presentation certificate
  • A keepsake copy of your ceremony (custom-created ceremonies) or of your vows (Registry Office Style Ceremonies)
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